Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Krugman Test

A consequence of the internet age is that the duty of judging a writer's honesty falls to the reader. In light of Gonzalo Lira's fine take-down of Paul Krugman for some undeniable mendacity, I would like to propose the Krugman Test as a means of grading econ bloggers along a continuum of honesty.

Here is the article in question, and here is the test: Those who are worthy of trust will demonstrate their intolerance of such deception by loudly denouncing Mr. Krugman. Shills will ignore the offense, and continue to link to his columns. The silent will remain in limbo until they take a stand.

In my wildest of dreams, Paul himself passes the test by printing a correction. Subsequently he transfroms back into the fine economist he used to be, losing some prestigious inches in the NYT in the process, but likely improving his standing in the footnotes of history books read by his great-grandchildren. Ahh, hope.